Bexar County Solidarity Party holds Organizing Convention

The Bexar County Solidarity Party held its Organizing Convention today. They started off with a speech from Sr. Jane Ann Slater, CDP. She is the first female Chancellor of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Antonio. She spoke to the Bexar County Solidarity Party about different social justice issues in their community and encouraged the party in its future endeavors. The Convention then discussed and ratified county party bylaws, then discussed a possible voters guide for the May 1st election. After that discussion the Convention held elections for officers using Ranked Choice Voting, Andrew Kinney was elected as County Chair, TSP State Secretary Nicholas Mataya was elected County Vice Chair in the second round of votes, and Diane Kinney was elected County Secretary. The newly elected County Executive Committee met in a closed session.

The Bexar County Solidarity Party represents Bexar County and the Greater San Antonio area.

Congratulations to the newly formed Bexar County Solidarity Party and its newly elected officers.

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