Texas Winter Storm Statement

The Executive Committee of the Texas Solidarity Party releases the following statement on the response to February 2021 Winter Storm

The Texas Solidarity Party stands in solidarity with our fellow Texans weathering this crisis.  Please be assured of our prayers during this time.

The Texas Solidarity Party condemns all reports of price gouging by utility companies following this historic winter storm.  This is a time when Texans should be banding together to help one another, rather than to see their fellow Texans as walking wallets.  We call on the Texas Legislature to investigate all accusations of price gouging.

Further, the Texas Solidarity Party echoes the call of Governor Greg Abbot for a thorough investigation into ERCOT.  Moreover, we call for an investigation into how the lessons of the winter storm of February 2011 were not learned, especially the specific practices called for in the report of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation released in August of 2011. Specifically the necessity for winterizing our electric grid, and taking preparations in advance of adverse weather.

Finally, we ask our state and local governments, as well as all Texans to admit the possibility that our climate is changing. That these winter events may become more common and, thus, must be adequately prepared for, even in the face of the increased costs of remaining prepared for disaster. 

In Solidarity,
The Executive Committee of the Texas Solidarity Party

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