Our 2022 Candidates

The Texas Solidarity Party is proud to announce that Dr. Jacqueline Abernathy is running for Governor of Texas! Dr. Abernathy is a wife, mother, and grant specialist from San Antonio. She earned her PhD in Public Policy and Administration from the University of North Texas. She is an accomplished advocate for life. Dr. Abernathy was instrumental in the passage of HB 3074 that prevents medical professionals from removing feeding tubes from patients without consent.
Dr. Abernathy will be running as a write in candidate.

Learn more at abernathyfortx.com

Do you feel a need to make a change in your community? To build solidarity between neighbors? To promote the common good, through common ground, using common sense? Then consider running for public office with the American Solidarity Party!

We will help guide and promote you through your campaign and provide the support you need to make a difference!

Because the Texas Solidarity Party does not yet have ballot access, the only way for our candidates to run is as independents or by writing-in their names when you vote.  Your write-in votes will be counted.